Get a HOUSEKEEPING VISA as non-skilled working visa. It's new. It's applicable based on the Special District Open-door Policy. You can work for 3 years. For further postponement, different visa is necessary. Dogami might able help you and contact us, by e-mail:

Free of charge, we are ready to introduce you companies who wish to hire you. It is mandatory for you to get the Housekeeping visa. You employee must make a hire-work contract between you and your full-time employer.

English or Chinese languages are OK for us.



We wish to contact those who wish to hire the maid who work full time according to the law.

We are ready to help the hiring persons and companies free of charge. It is because our job is to help those who wish to work here under the Housekeeping visa. They need you who wish to hire them as full time worker, with the Shaho(Social Securities) furnished as is the immigration regulation.